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Bästa Iron Skaftet någonsin???!!!!

Vi är så glada att berätta succén på Xcaliber Rapid Taper (.370")!!

Så stabilt och enormt många golfare, som bytt ut sina stålskaft mot detta skaft.

105g+ gör att detta skaft underlättar 18 eller 36 håls spel. Kroppen blir INTE alls, lika sliten.

Ni hittar dem här...



The Rapid Taper Shafts TRUE features and benefits include:

• Over 50% of all our customers have reported increases in clubhead speeds of 2-5mph

• A steeper angle of descent that allows for pinpoint accuracy that rivals and surpasses any steel shaft

• A stability that belies their shape

• A feeling of load and release that is truly unique in golf

• Works great in hybrids, driving irons…even in putters!!

• The weight categories were designed to allow for ascending the shaft weights in set assembly

The Rapid Taper Irons and Wedges were designed based on the physics of a whip. A whip’s specifically tapered cord stores all the input energy until the very last moment of release.

That geometry is what causes the familiar “snap” one hears. Those same physics and geometry, along with a specifically designed distribution of stiffness is what makes the Rapid Taper Irons so long and unique.

Peter Qvarfordt