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Nya iX SA 2.0 Grip från Iomic, finns nu i lager!

Vi kommer ha Platinum Grey och Black i lager, till att börja med.


Core Size: M60
Weight: 45 ± 2g
Outer Diameter: 2.0 (22mm)
Colours: Coral Red | Light Blue | Platinum Grey | Black |


The iX SA 2.0 Grip has finally begun a new era! The grip absorbs the impact from the club! Your best shot is from the grip.

The iX SA Grip incorporates shock absorbers that are not common in the grip industry so far and has been developed to reduce the impact received from the club within the grip and help with more accurate shots than it was.

Even during a miss-hit, the impact on the hand is alleviated, reducing the burden on the body. It is also recommended for pro golfers and other hard players. Furthermore, by making the completely new surface design and hardness -15 softer than the usual iX grip, it fits like a tangled finger and allows you to grip the club as if wrapped.

Therefore, it is excellent in delicate touch and controllability, and it is possible to produce shots like the image. In addition, the original low torque control function (LTC) is also installed to minimize the inherent twist of Iomic.

Since all four colors are available and carefully selected popular colors, it matches all golf clubs.

Peter Qvarfordt